Sunday, August 23, 2009

A place to rant and ramble.........

I've long been considered mouthy and opinionated by those who know me. Or rather, by those who happen to be in earshot when I get rolling.

Either way, I have strong opinions on a LOT of subjects, and I'm not shy about expressing them. Some folks who've been on the listening end of my verbal explosions have encouraged me to share with others by blogging. I'm not sure if they really feel my thoughts are worthy of greater attention... or if they're hoping that by venting publicly I'll be less inclined to talk so much. :)

So here I go. The first post has been the hardest, trying to think of something to break the white page. I'm hoping the rest will come as easily to typing fingers as words have always come to voice.

I hope I'm no more annoying onscreen than I have managed to be in person.

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