Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blah... Blah... BLOG...

Did you ever take something you really, really enjoyed, and just fuck it up totally?

You know...? When you let it go from moderation to obsession? Or when you allow a slight change to snowball until you have something entirely different than you started with?

NO? Well, I did. My little blog here.

See, I'm kind of a politics and current events junkie. I love to pour a pot or two of coffee down my throat in the mornings, and surf the web. Originally, this blog was to be the repository for all the things I saw out there that made me scratch my head (or facepalm) and wonder "What the hell is wrong with people?"

I surfed without discriminating. I've spent as many hours reading DemocraticUnderground and DailyKos as I have The Other McCain and Hot Air. I've also wasted logged countless hours on such mindless drivel as TMZ and PopEater. I love to read - I'll literally read almost anything - and the internet is a vast source to read all manner of interesting and ridiculous stuff.

Somehow, I got caught up in conservative blogging. Now, I have nothing against conservative blogs or bloggers. Rather, I enjoy them... it just wasn't my original intention to join the ranks. I'm more libertarian than I am strictly conservative under most definitions anyway. (A notable exception would be the definition of conservatism I learned at The-Classic-Liberal, where the idea of true conservatism is a lot closer to libertarianism than the GOP might approve... The-CL is a blogger I admire a lot and have learned from. I most often finish his pieces feeling like I didn't know as much as I thought I knew, if ya follow.)


I got too caught up. I made something that had been fun into a drudge (no pun intended). I was starting to feel like Mickey Mouse, when he casts a spell to set the mops and brooms to working. Next thing you know, everything is out of control, and I'm avoiding the blog like I'd avoid a call from the boss on a Sunday afternoon when I'm supposed to be scheduled off.

Not even Peta has been able to draw me back lately. And the little things that amuse me that I wanted to capture have also lost their appeal. Even the Jaws-themed posts have jumped the shark. (See what I did there? heh.)

And politics has begun to annoy me.

I've always been more of a natural critic than a cheerleader anyway. I'm cynical, and rather than a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty type I've been more of a "Hey-somebody-took-half-my-freakin-water" person. And BOY, did somebody drain the cup this time!

The current administration sucks. The prospects to be offered by the "Other Party" don't look any better. Fer Gawds Sake, Rick Santorum wants to run. Depressing. Mitt Romney? Mike Huckabee? Yuck. And I'm sick of Sarah Palin. There - I said it.

I'm mailing out the papers today to change my registration back to Independent. That probably only matters to me. I switched because I would have otherwise been denied the chance to vote in the primary. But I'm feeling surly and disillusioned, and equally irritated by both parties. I've decided that I'll choose a party before each primary, and then go back to Indy before the general elections.

And I'm done trying to be a cheerleader. I don't have the legs for the little skirts anyway.

Will I lose readers? I dunno. I don't know if I have any readers. I haven't even looked at my traffic in months. I do know that I enjoyed blogging more when I didn't give a rip, so maybe that's the secret right there.


5etester said...

I absolutely relate as I just put my blog to rest recently for many of the same reasons.Felt like a job.The great CL has been kind enough to let me post on his blog randomly which I much prefer.

Matt said...

I was just telling another blogger today that the best way to go is to be true to oneself. I could not complain if you did exactly that.

Republican Redefined said...

Sorry to hear that you are changing back to Independent but I really never saw it sticking. Some people are just better suited without the chains of political affiliation. You know that I adore the thought of a big R next to my name someday so I am certainly not one of those people. That said, I share your frustrations. I was born in this house and feel its my duty to right the ship. You were born under the stars and have the luxury of coming and going as you please. I envy you Scratcher - most days that is.

I'm totally BS'in you here. Come on Scratcher!!! As to the blog. Hang in there. I can honestly tell you that your frustrations have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the work behind the blog. Reading others blogs you couldn't give a damn about just bc you've made some strange agreement with five or six other blogs you like.... linking to ten blogs when you give a rats ass about four.... commenting when you just want to move on and post something before you get bored or wish you didn't actually agree with the ten other A-holes you just read a for an hour knowing that they're talking out of their asses because you spent five nights last week listening to them contradict their current position.

Scratcher. Get back in the game. I've gone MIA more times than I can count at this point. All you can do is put it out there. If someone wants to read it... They will be back - not ARNY style. I mean they will be back and not end up sucking. Givem hell.