Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling Insulted


I'm feeling insulted on a regular basis, and it's really beginning to piss me off.

I am against the current health care proposals. I agree completely that there are problems that need to be fixed. I think every American knows that the system needs to be improved, and most of us think ideally that all Americans should have access to medical care when we need it. But there isn't one proposal that I support completely, and at least one that I am vehemently opposed to. I figure, you don't fix a broken mirror with a hammer.

So... Now we must ask why, right? Why, oh why, can't I see that I am wrong? Don't I realize that these people know what is best for me and are going to do this for my own good? Clearly, there is something wrong with my mind-upbringing-character-soul-intelligence-

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Every day of my life, I get to be insulted. I read in the paper that I'm a racist. I see on the news that I'm an "evilmonger" (whatever the hell that means). Certain blogs have diagnosed me as clinically insane, borderline retarded or both. I learn on the radio that I am a corporate shill, and a zombie spellbound by right-wing commentators. I also have been made aware that I wasn't raised right, I'm not raising my own kids right, and the part of the country where I have always lived only matters to the elected muckety-mucks when they need some poor folks to parade around as evidence they need to do even more good deeds!

Of course, none of this is directed at me personally. And if I were to call any one of these Congress MEMBERS on it, I'm sure that would be their explanation. Why, they don't actually mean ME. Just those other people who - you know - think the exact same way I do.

Well, I'm sick of it.

I am not a racist. It's disgusting that we live in a time when a person feels they have to make such a statement. I am deeply offended every time I hear or read that my views are based on race. Skin color is, by definition, superficial. I don't judge people based on their melanin level, and it infuriates me that anyone would imply that because my own skin is fair my thoughts are not.

I am not an evilmonger. I'm still not even certain what that word means - or if it IS a word.

I am not stupid. I don't need those with a priviledged education to think for me. I'm tired of smarmy, condescending elitists talking down to ordinary people as if we were half-witted toddlers in need of competent care. And I'm at least relatively sure that I'm not insane.

I am not getting paid (unfortunately) by any corporations or insurance insiders.

I am not a ditto-head. Something else I'm not certain is a real word. I don't buy into conspiracy theories. I am not brainwashed by talk radio. Unless I've been so thoroughly programmed that I've forgotten I was programmed.

I am not a card-carrying member of The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Independent, so I am.

So that means I am being insulted on a regular basis even though I'm more likely to be persuaded by a reasonable argument. Since I don't give a rip about party loyalty, my decisions will be made based on what seems most rational and logical to me in any given issue.

I'll tell you this: I am opposed to the health care reform as currently proposed based on the merits and flaws I see. Alienating me and pissing me off right now is NOT the way to convince me that this nightmare is in my best interests, and I've just about had it with those who seem to think they can verbally bully me into submission. I'm sick to death of being insulted EVERY SINGLE DAY. I will remember this complete lack of civility, manners and mature dialogue for many elections to come. We pay these people to insult us? No more. Not only will I personally vote against anyone I can who talks to their employers so disrespectfully, I will work hard to bring others to my way of thinking.

And I won't do it by insulting anyone.

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