Saturday, May 21, 2011

Conservative commenters picking on little girls?

The 16-year-old high school girl who challenged Michelle Bachmann to a debate is claiming she's received threats of violence and rape.

I call bullshit.

Here's the deal: A week or so ago, Cherry Hill student Amy Myers challenged Bachmann to a debate on the Constitution. She threw down the gauntlet in a letter posted on CNN's iReport. The story made the news and blogs, Congresswoman Bachmann didn't respond, and attention wandered to other things as new stories replaced the challenge.

Now Ms. Myers and her father, Wayne, are in the news again... This time, they tell the Courier-Press they're alarmed about comments on conservative websites.
"A lot of them are calling me a whore"
They say commenters have threatened to publish their address, or commit violence or rape.

Here's why I'm not buying it.

First, they haven't shown proof. No screen captures, no links, nothing. These two are social-media-savvy enough to upload to iReport and run a Facebook page dedicated to this publicity stunt debate, but they didn't blog or otherwise document these heinous acts?

Second, the father claimed that the school had received threatening mail... but the school says the calls they've received were questions about whether Myers is a student, who wrote the letter to Bachmann, and similar inquiries.
Bastnagel said the district's security director told Wayne Myers none of the calls contained threats. He also assured Myers the district would investigate any threats.
Also, the father claims to have his mail carrier and a neighbor watching for suspicious activity. He says:
"I personally did not think there would be a reaction like actual stalking and the vitriol that's coming out."
But neither the story or the quoted police officers mention a stalker.

So already, this whole thing strikes me as shady. But it gets stranger.

Amy was set to give the C-P a video interview. The night before, "a somewhat panicked-sounding Wayne Myers phoned to cancel". His reason? The threats sent to the school. You know... the ones the school assured him didn't happen.

But he also mentioned it would be better for Amy if Bachmann couldn't study the videos.
"If she does the video interview, they might find certain weaknesses. We don't want to bring up what her debate strategy is going to be."
Good grief. This guy's a goof. And people are spreading this b.s. around like it's pinkeye - and escalating it. Already at least one message on the Facebook page is calling the mystery comments "death threats".

I repeat...


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UPDATE: Linked in an excellent piece at WyBlog. Thank you, sir. Go read the whole thing:
What we have here is an unhinged liberal activist preaching to the choir. They expect Tea Partyers to be misogynistic haters because that is the stereotype they've created. But in reality I would stake my reputation on any actual threats being quickly and vehemently shouted down by folks from the Right. That's how we roll. We debate ideas, not personalities. 
Nailed it in one.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

16 year old in NJ challenges MN congrsswoman to a debate was a news story how to begin with?

This was a simple cheap shot at Bachmann-
And now a shot at the tea party as threatening nuts.

The father has thrown accusations far and wide but has no evidence.

In fact, the school contradicts him

As a tea partier, i would be happy to go after and condemn any one attacking this girl, but I can't find a single attack.

Show us the threats

Matt said...

Typical. The left always accuses the right of doing what they do. In cases where Conservatives are threatened, there is documentation. In this case, the facts are pretty obvious.

ScratcherMMBI said...

@anonymous - i would be happy to go after and condemn any one attacking this girl

This is part of the reason I don't believe it. Such attacks would be called out by fellow commenters if they happened on conservative sites.

@Matt - The left always accuses the right of doing what they do.


breitbartfan77 said...

The girl's father is Studmoose on huffington post.
He is the one who put it on Ireport!

He's huge Anti-Tea party and has been issuing this challenge repeatedly on Huffpo

Maybe the daughter wrote it (doubtful), but he is coaching her 100% and pushing the story like crazy.

Who picked up on the story first? Not New Jersey press, a Minnesota weekly and the Minnesota Independent. Writers who are out to feed their readers frenzied appetite for Bachmann hate.

This is a hit piece up and down the line.
Follow me on twitter at @breitbartfan77 to see my tweets on this issue

breitbartfan77 said...


@amyteamamy on twitter
"@breitbartfan77 Check Sean Hannity's website along with the Yahoo! articles. People are blinded by their disdain for me."

I've checked-and encourage you to double check
no death threats, no threats to publish addresses, no threats of rape.

The Cherry Hill police have not been called with a complaint of a threat if you read the article which cites a crazy sounding Wayne Myers

Disdain? occasionally, but that's not what the media is jumping on.

Her father is clearly a pathological liar