Saturday, April 17, 2010

Help Keith Rothfus defeat Mary Beth Buchanan... then Jason Altmire

Well, whaddaya know?

I slack off on blogging for a few weeks (burnout - did ya miss me?) and something fantastic happens! Maybe if I take off a couple of months, aliens will abduct most of the current administration or something! OK, that's too good to hope for. But this is pretty freaking cool, all the same.

I've posted before about Mary Beth Buchanan, the former US Attorney who'd like to be my next CongressCritter. Can I be blunt here? (Well, I'm gonna anyway...) I don't like Mary Beth Buchanan. Actually, that's an understatement along the lines of "Pelosi's had a little Botox". The fact is, Buchanan makes my skin crawl. My current Congressman is Jason Altmire (D), and while I'm not the guy's biggest fan, he's preferable to Buchanan in my opinion. But what I'd truly like to see is Buchanan's primary opponent, Keith Rothfus, take the Republican primary and then the PA04 seat in November.

This morning, I see this lovely item on PoliticsPA... In their "Up and Down" post, MBB is going down:

Mary Beth Buchanan. Can she be called the GOP favorite in the 4th Congressional District anymore? The former U.S. attorney, touted by some Republicans as Jason Altmire’s worst nightmare, has had a terrible start to her campaign, capped off by Thursday’s abysmal first quarter fundraising numbers. She was even outraised by little-known Allegheny County attorney Keith Rothfus, who supporters say has outworked his high-profile opponent. After entering the race with baggage attached, don’t be surprised if some Republicans begin viewing Rothfus as a better challenger to Altmire’s seat.

Wonderful news. Buchanan and her GOP cronies have been spouting off about her name recognition before she even officially entered the race. Well, sure she's got name recognition. She's widely known, and widely hated. (Duh. Jeffrey Dahmer has some pretty awesome name recognition. Would you vote for him?)

In addition, Buchanan's campaign manager had to resign recently. Seems he was caught up in the kind of dirty work that Buchanan tried to pin on Cyril Wecht - only seems her campaign manager might actually be guilty. Heh.

...So I'm pretty happy. But I'd be happier yet if I knew this woman was out of the running. If she's able to pick up the fundraising pace, the GOP will continue trying to push her into office. And let me repeat - if Buchanan wins the Republican primary, I'm voting for Altmire.

Now, I realize my little blog here is a fleck in the blogosphere. I don't have the readership or the network to push anything like a Scott Brown moneybomb for Mr. Rothfus, or I'd do it. But I'd like folks outside of PA04 to realize that if Mary Beth Buchanan wins her primary, I'll hardly be the only conservative (hyphenated libertarian or otherwise) who'll vote for Altmire. He is fairly moderate, and has on occasion bucked the Obama administration. We can live with him, if ya get my drift.

So I'm asking... Can you help? Will you help? Do you want a conservative retaking of Congress badly enough to help support a little known, but truly conservative, candidate in this hotly contested district? From PA2010, in Mr. Rothfus's own words (emphasis mine):

"There is no doubt in my mind that voters in this district want real change. They are tired of the Washington establishment, and they want a Congressman who understands business, not another government insider. In every corner of this district, I have talked to men and women who want to have a citizen-legislator representing them and standing up for their values in Washington. With their help, I am confident that we can not only win the Republican primary on May 18 but prevail in November."

THIS is what we need in November. Please, help me help him. Here's the link to the official Keith Rothfus campaign site, if you'd be kind enough to throw a little support his way.

Mary Beth Buchanan can't win this election. She won't win this election. It's going to be Rothfus or Altmire, simple as that. Let's replace the "Blue Dog" with a true conservative, and start changing things back.


Anonymous said...

Why do you hate MBB so bad? Why does she make your skin crawl? I know she's been in Washington (as a prosecutor) but aside from that I must be missing something.

MissTammy said...

Alright, you convinced me. I didn't give him much, but I did give. We need all the help we can get in a lot of sre some more suggestion of folks to help out.

Jesse Kelly
Ryan Frazier
Vernon Parker
Charles Djou
Lt Col Allen West
Linda Goldethorpe

ScratcherMMBI said...

@ anonymous - Fair questions, I guess. You could click on the "I've posted before about MBB" in the post. Or better yet, google her name in conjunction with any of the following: Cyril Wecht, Tommy Chong, Bernard Rottschaefer or Extreme Associates. Buchanan has lousy priorities when it comes to the best use of taxpayer money and man-hours. She literally compiled a list of charges against Wecht over pocket change, then spent hundreds of thousands (or millions, depending on who you ask) to prosecute him - only to drop the charges. In the Dr. Rottschaeffer, she used perjured testimony. Search her on the net, or check out this ReasonOnline "greatest hits" article: And while you're at it, check out how she opened her campaign by telling a local radio host to shut up and threatening to sue him. She is NOT smaller government, she is NOT a new direction, and she is NOT who I want representing me in Congress.

ScratcherMMBI said...

@ Miss Tammy - Thank you. On behalf of Mr. Rothfus, and those of us he'd like to work for.

I know about Lt Col West (and have a lot of respect for him) and Charles Djou. I'll be sure to learn more about the others you've named - and I hope anyone who reads this does the same. I agree with you... we need all the help we can get, and we can't count on the GOP, we have to push this ourselves.

Republican Redefined said...

Glad you're back and not surprised its local that brought you back to the fold. Nothing like politics in your back yard to get the juices flowing. I hope this race goes your way. Id really hate to see you voting Democrat after all the work we've done to bring you over from the dark side.

Anonymous said...

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