Thursday, January 27, 2011

Faux Fax?

I just saw this at Memeorandum...

According to ThinkProgress (a bastion of truth if there ever was one, right?) California Democrat Leland Yee has received a death threat by fax.

I call bullshit.

A few points:

1. Have you looked at this thing? It's a caricature. Pickup truck with a flag on the side, dragging a noose? Now answer honestly... which side believes that's an accurate representation of the right and Limbaugh fans?

2. It's not a death threat. Unless, of course, Lee is an admitted Marxist. The specific threat to Lee is an ass-kicking. Not exactly "new tone", but not a death threat either.

3. This is a fax. Which means that, although it doesn't appear in the image linked, there is information as to origin on that sucker somewhere. Who sent it?

I think this is a scam, sent by a liberal trying to stir the pot.

I admit... I could be wrong. And threats to Congress (or anyone else, they aren't special) should be treated seriously if they are serious threats. But it would take a real dumbass to send this, if the sender actually meant it.

If this turns out to be some righty, I'll admit I'm wrong and apologize.

Somehow I don't think that will happen. Keep your eyes on this one, folks. I predict it'll only get weirder.

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