Monday, January 31, 2011

They're On To Me...

Or, that was my first thought on reading this headline at GrassrootsPA:


Why a stuffed groundhog? Perhaps they're afraid someone's got an axe to grind with Phil. Maybe they're putting him in a protection program. You remember Phil, right?

Phil's the fat, furry bastard who's still on my list from this time last year. After shovelling my way back to the world, I was ready to do Ol' Phil some serious harm. I even went so far as to look up groundhog recipes. (And they exist. Who knew?)

Anyway... once again this year, my spouse has been trying to convince me to head up to Punxsutawney for the... uh... festivities. It's one hell of a sore spot. I'm willing to drive there, on the condition that when the rat does his thing, I be asleep and warm in the hotel -- no standing outside at the butt crack of dawn for me. (Especially in Pennsylvania. In February. Brrrr.) At least, not without a little "antifreeze" in my veins, if ya catch my drift. BUT, since it's a family event, and requires a drive home immediately after, getting tanked is not an option. Plus, alcohol would only serve to encourage my violent feelings towards Phil.

Long story a little shorter: It's a misleading headline. The link actually goes to this story, about different rodent in a different town. (And might I ask, exactly how many goddamn weather predicting rats does one state need?!)

Heh. And I thought maybe they'd gotten wind of my nefarious plot.

On a side note, we're waiting for a storm that's supposed to bring snow... then half an inch of ice... then more snow. Ol' Phil's due to do his thing in a coupla days... He'd better get it right this time.

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Matt said...

I do remember last year's rant. You do seem to have something against weather predicting critters.