Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guilty of felony for attempted abortion?!

A New York woman pleaded guilty to a felony after a failed attempt at abortion.

But... but... abortion is legal in America! What happened?!

Well, you see, the fetus clump of cells didn't belong to her.

Kisha Jones, unhappy that another woman was pregnant with her husband's baby, decided to terminate the inconvenient pregnancy... by tricking the other woman into taking an abortion pill.

The victim hesitant patient was around 27 weeks at the time of the assault procedure. Instead of the intended abortion, the victim patient precipitated. The baby was premature but healthy.


What I'd like to know is, where are the feminists?

Seriously... why aren't they rallying around this woman in defense and support? Where are the signs, and the cute wire hanger art? After all, they've been known to opine that a fetus clump of cells isn't a person until it's actually been pushed out into the world. (For example, check out this post by femininny Amanda Marcotte on "Personhood Silliness".)

I'd love to see the feminists spin this one. Is it an attempted murder? Or is it now acceptable to just abort whatever fetus clump of cells you feel is inconvenient?

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