Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Won't Have Rahm Emanuel to Kick Around Anymore...

The man who would be mayor of Chicago... WON'T be! Bwahahaha!

This is all over the web, but I'm linking Allah because he has the best title. "Rahm: I will kill any @#$!*% man who stands in my way".

LinkSo, why am I gloating? (And make no mistake, I am gloating.)

Because I have never been a fan. At one point, I advocated firing him. For what reason? Oh, any old thing would have done.

First of all, right or wrong, I'd like to see Rahm Emanuel fired for any legitimate reason we can come up with. Anything. The man repulses me on an almost primal level, on par with the liver-fluke man from the X-Files.

(Poor guy... Still not as creepy as Rahm.)

In retrospect, that's inaccurate. I'd have been just fine firing him for reasons... well... less than legitimate. For example, I'd have been perfectly cool firing him if some tabloid had run a story saying he fathered this thing:

(Also not as creepy as Rahm.)

Alas, it was not to be. I had to wait for his political ambitions to move him along. (Plus there's the fact that he alienated Obama's base and had to go. Hey, whatever works.)

I reminded readers that Emanuel had his creepy little lips at the President's ear. And that's not the only place he had those creepy lips.

(Now SHE'S every bit as creepy as Rahm.)

Ugh. There's a weight-loss aid if I've ever seen one. If your New Year's resolution was to drop a stone or two, just paste that sucker to the fridge... oughtta do the trick.

Anyway, I doubt it's over. Liberals have learned when they don't like election rules or election results, just sue. But for now, I am a happy camper.

Rahm's been denied something he felt he was entitled to. And (hopefully) he'll be out of politics for a minute.

Personally, I'd like to see him just go back where he came from.

(Come on, Rahm... You remember which one it was. Now just crawl back under there and let us get on with our business.)
ACK! Celebrated too soon! I see via Memeorandum, he's still on the ballot while they sort this out! So we're supposed to believe if he wins the election and then loses his appeal they'll boot him?! Noooooooooooo!


Republican Redefined said...

Scratcher. You're looking at this all wrong. Rahm in Chicago means he's Chicago's problem. Get him on the ballot by any means necessary!!

Matt said...

Batboy called, he's upset that you used his image in relation to Rahmbo. He may sue for defamation!