Monday, November 23, 2009

MEAT - It's What Vegans Are Made Of...

This morning I saw a post by Uncle Jimbo at AceOfSpadesHQ titled "Ethical Vegan - It's What's For Dinner"... which of course made me laugh. A lot.

I'm already on record stating if the militant vegans ever manage to take meat off the store shelves, I'll eat them.

There are quotes from an article by another vegan missionary, some of which (predictably) cover factory farming, which is the new veggie cruncher boogeyman. I LOVED this response:

Do you really think if we asked the Serengheti lions they would turn this
method down?

Lion: "OK so you build a fence and then feed the gazelles grass, and then
whenever you get hungry you just go in and grab one for lunch?

Human: "Yes"

Lion: "I'm in"

And apparently I'm not the only one who realizes that the vegan status as herbivore makes them prey...

But I'm gonna have a chat with the Serengheti lions and the rest of the
predator class and tell them you belong on the menu. Free range, organic,
compassionate, twit, low in fat, but chock full of anti-depressants and
self-loathing. I'll pass but I bet the lions love it.

Uncle Jimbo can pass if he wants. But if these grazers ever get their way, THIS carnivore will consider them an acceptable source of protein. Vegan flank steak sounds better than tofu veggie burger ANY day!

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