Monday, November 30, 2009

What I'm Reading 11/30/09

I love to read. Reading is the single thing I do most with any free time I have. I read everywhere. I also read more than one book at a time. At home, I have an open book upstairs, another downstairs, and occasionally a third in the kitchen. I also keep a book in my van at all times, so I have something to read anywhere I happen to be. I take that one with me when I go to any appointment or anything else where I may have to wait - and then I use the otherwise wasted time to read.

My tastes are eclectic... I can read anything. I do prefer fiction, but I'll read biographies, history, philosophy or anything else I happen across. I literally have a stack of recently finished books next to my reading chair, since I burn through better than a half-dozen a week, on average. I also RE-read books. I own thousands, and wouldn't be able to excuse the waste of space if I didn't frequently revisit my favorites.

I thought I'd start posting about "What I'm Reading Now". Not only will it give me a diary of sorts to keep track, but that way anyone who shows up here at the blog can see what I read and either comment, suggest titles or even laugh at my choices, if you like.

Right now, my "working" books (the ones I'm actively reading, in one area of my life or another, bookmarked for my return) are:

-We Were Soldiers Once, And Young by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (Ret.) and Joseph L. Galloway
-Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
-Mosaic by Shoheir Khashoggi

Since this is my first "What I'm Reading" post, I'll also include some of the books I finished in the last couple of weeks.

-Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin
-Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
-Mirage by Shoheir Khashoggi
-The Bone Collector by Jeffrey Deaver
-The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin
-The Tao of Pooh, The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff

This isn't a complete list, but it's a start. Some of these are old favorites being reread, some are new to me. I hope to do more posts like this fairly regularly, so if you've read this far fell free to check in again... or leave a comment and suggest something new I might enjoy!

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