Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GREEN Between The Sheets?

If the headline didn't make you spew on your keyboard, the story might.

From MotherNatureNetwork comes the review of a book I'll never read. Why? Because using the words "green" and "sex" in the same sentence is just gross.
You drive a hybrid, eat organic, and are passionate about recycling. But how green is your love life?

If you're like me and never once stopped to consider whether your "love life" is environmentally friendly, you can soon learn more about eco-sex. (I won't, but you can if you like.) Stefanie Iris Weiss has helpfully penned "Eco-Sex", to help us all "Go GREEN Between The Sheets and Make Your Love Life SUSTAINABLE", and it will be available March 31.

The book covers hand-crank sex toys, eco-friendly underpants, and more. Ms. Weiss says:
"...some people are going to make fun of the notion of eco-sex. I expect that."

(Heh. Maybe she's read my blog.)

Her top advice for wanna-be eco-sexuals?
"The No. 1 thing people can do to be an eco-sexual is to have fewer kids, or have none at all," said Weiss, who is childless.

More population control ideology from environmental activists. Great.

But maybe I'm being unfair. Surely, she's a sincere person who cares deeply and is only trying to help save the environment and the world. Right? After all, she plainly states:
"I am a very committed greenie, and I have been a vegetarian for 20 years."

I mean... she advocates a bike ride as an eco-date, biodegradable condoms, and growing your own flowers so as to avoid the environmental costs of florist-shop flowers and their deliveries... And she just looks like a nice lady, doesn't she?

(Photo of Ms. Weiss courtesy of MNN)

What the... Wait just an eco-friendly minute here! That jacket looks suspiciously like dead animal, don't it? And even if it's a very good faux dead animal, it would be made with (gasp!) petro-chemicals... Right?

Bamboo underpants and a leather coat. Eco-hypocrisy. Pfffft.


Matt said...

Hypocrisy is to be expected. Greenie rules only apply to us, not to them. Hence, Al Gore can keep his mansions and private jets, all of which have the "carbon footprint" of Godzilla.

sex toys for men said...

I sometimes feel that this green campaign on sex toys is odd. Then again, it is commendable for this industry to be sensitive with the needs of the time. In the long run, other industries will emulate this movement.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it.

Thats Right said...

You're a sick bastard Scratch.