Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Militant Vegans Attack

My hatred of vegan activists border on obsession... I'm aware of this. Aware, but hardly apologetic.

Don't get me wrong. I couldn't care less if people want to lead a vegan lifestyle. Hey, more bacon for me. But the militant vegans who would force us all to give up animal protein bring out my inner predator. I've even blogged about them once... maybe twice... OK, a lot.

(Please check out my take on: their attempts to wreck Thanksgiving, the effort to influence the rest of us through celebrity, the bizarre idea that if I have a pet I should eat it, their strange need to replace what they despise with meat substitutes, and my sincere threats warnings about what will happen to them should their mission succeed.)

Well, it seems in addition to all that, the militant veggie-crunching whackjobs aren't above turning on their own. And apparently (big surprise) their fellow humans aren't as deserving of compassion as the animals they care about so deeply.

On Saturday, ex-vegan Lierre Keith got the ol' pie-in-the-face treatment by some anarchists as she discussed her book "The Vegetarian Myth". From the article:

Keith said her values are similar in most ways to those of her attackers. She believes in militant action, even property destruction, if it can lead to change.

Which means she might deserve to be pied, right? I mean, even yours truly defended Peta (which hurt... seriously, it caused me physical and mental pain) against a charge of terrorist activity when they pied a Canadian official while protesting seal hunting. So why am I bothering to blog about this pie?

The Peta activists used a tofu pie. While that's clearly a crime against taste, it struck me as otherwise harmless. The anarchists, on the other hand, used a cream pie... laced with hot pepper. You know, the ingredient in pepper spray. That, in my humble opinion, elevates this to an act of assault.

But the anti-meat loonies activists from the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (heh. Their acronym contains Alpo.) are pleased. They feel Ms. Keith is an "animal holocaust denier"... and they're upset that she called the cops.

(I have to admit I'm curious how these assholes feel about actual holocaust deniers. You know, the kind of holocaust that ended with millions of murdered innocent humans. Somehow I doubt they would muster the same emotions. Anyway, back to the point.)

Somebody in the audience caught the pie attack on video:

Did you notice... the folks in the front row had no reaction at all. Their shoulders don't so much as twitch when it happens. Apathetic, involved -- or both?

These are the people who want to preach against cruelty? These are the folks who are so filled-to-overflowing with empathy that they can't bear the thought of an innocent creature suffering? These are the same high and mighty jerkoffs who have evolved such an intense level of enlightenment that they feel entitled to make choices for the rest of us?

Can I eat them yet?

And my dog asked me to save him the bones...

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