Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I’d Make Them Throw Me In Jail"

While I was not able to go to DC for the Code Red Rally (although I can promise, I was there in spirit and heart), I was happy to see that my fellow blogger and friend - Russ from That's Right - not only made the trip... he managed to get himself quoted by CNSNews!

Cote said if the bill passed with a mandate requiring every American to buy health insurance, he would not comply.

“If there’s a mandate, I can tell you this — my own form of political protest – I won’t do it and I’ll be a test case if I have to,” Cote said. “I wouldn’t pay the fine either. I’d make them throw me in jail.”

You won't be alone, pal. That was my first thought after hearing about the mandate. I have a feeling if they actually try to force the issue, they won't have enough room for all of us in the jails. We can use the Cloward-Piven systemic overload strategy on them!

Check out Russ's own blog (and The Resistance) for his post about it.


Matt said...

Good for Russ!

Thats Right said...

I'm flattered Scratch. Really. Thanks. I don't deserve it. I'll save you a seat in the clink.