Thursday, April 1, 2010

Senator Bob Corker - Defeatist Asshole

From the Nashville Business Journal, via HotAir:

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) appears to have given up on repealing ObamaCare before we even get to the midterm elections.
“The fact is that’s not going to happen, OK?” Corker told dozens of people at Vanderbilt University.

Coward. Defeatist asshole.

I mean that. I hope Corker's voters repeal him. And if they have any guts, they will.
Still, Corker made clear his opposition to the legislation and spoke in favor of continued, incremental legislative reform in future years to correct problems he foresees.

Continued, incremental legislative reform? Are you kidding me? For gawd's sake, can't you at least pretend you'll try?! Whining that you'll need 67 votes to kill Obama's veto doesn't cut any shit with me. START voting to repeal it in 2010, and build momentum enough to kill it for good in 2012 when we vote out Obama, if that's what it takes!

Fair warning, those who would have MY vote -- Don't dare try to tell me I have to roll over and accept this monstrosity! You better at least have the stones to stand up for America and make the effort!

I hope my fellow Americans are smarter - and ballsier - than this "politician". I'm DONE with compromise, and I'm DONE with weasel DC zombies who talk out both sides of their mouths. I'll vote third party if that's the only way I can get a candidate with some guts (something I've never done) and we should all do the same! Send a message to the Republicans that if they won't stand up for us, we'll find someone else who will.

I couldn't care less anymore what effect a third-party vote will have on the Republican candidates. Near as I can tell, precious few of them could care less about doing the right thing by us -- and fighting this to the bitter end.


Matt said...

That guy fails to realize that once people start losing jobs because of this, or ends up with higher premiums, the drumbeat for repeal will grow. We just have to wait for some of the negative effects to kick in (and they already are).

Republican Redefined said...

Corkers a pragmatist. He always has been. Fortunately I get to vote for his re-election and Im frankly a little tired of his brand of politics. At times he comes across as a genuine conservative but I think he lets his "realist" side win the day on occasions such as these. In fairness, he is right - at least for now, but he should be mule kicked for admitting it openly as a Senator in the current hour.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else has started the drumbeat for a valid third party candidate. People have a "defeatist" attitude when ever you mention a third party. They automatically say..."Well, that takes a vote away from...whoever...and gives the election to...whoever... If all the naysayers would get off their duffs and get behind a good third party candidate, you'd be amazed what might happen.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I should have "signed" the bottom of my post. I would hate to be confused with Anonymous. ;)