Monday, February 21, 2011

Born to Blog?

So... I've been expanding my horizons.

I decided to try something new. I started a blog because I love to write, and I'm always ranting about something anyway. Someone (who presumably got tired of listening to all those rants) suggested I - the Luddite - blog them. And here I am.

I didn't start a blog to make a million dollars. The idea never occurred to me until I read RSMs Underpants Gnome scheme. I started it to rant.

But, hey... We all gots bills, right?

The truth is, I'll probably never see a dime from this site. And that's cool. I don't have the discipline to become an aggregate site (wouldn't interest me if I did), and the circumstances of my real life will never let me be an in-the-field newsie (which also doesn't much interest me). And, if I'm being honest, I think most of the people who are going to make money blogging are already doing it.

But, still... there's those bills, right?

So I started writing some (I thought) straight pieces, and submitting them for web publication. (And pay, let's not forget that part.) It was a topic I'm interested in and knowledgeable about, and I'm at least relatively literate. I'm not too lazy to do actual research. Maybe I could make a buck or two doing something I love -- something I do even when nobody pays me. Great idea, no?


I keep getting rejected. For being opinionated. Who'da thunk?

I took one piece in particular and picked it apart. I rewrote, reworded, and rethought it all until I was positive nobody could read it as anything but a straight, factual article, loaded with statistics and quotes and all that happy crappy. (Mind you, I did this like three friggin' times.)

I bounced back to me again. "This is a very well written and fact-based opinion piece." Which is unacceptable, and therefore rejected again.

Sigh... I give up.

Maybe I'm just born to blog. Apparently, I'm such an opinionated asshole that even when I think I'm writing plain, inarguable facts my opionated asshole self just shines right through.

Guess you're stuck with me...

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