Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Goalie's Nuts

We don't often have sports posts round these here parts. Matter of fact, this might be the first and last...

But you know how it is.

I saw something. It reminded me of something else. I followed another train of thought down its winding, twisting track... and end up blogging.

Anyway, this morning I saw a clip of the Penguins goalie Brent Johnson doing his best impression of a heavyweight boxer. Heh. ONE hit:

Now, I didn't watch the actual game, so I missed it live. (I'm actually more of a Devils fan... but fer the luvva gawd, keep that under your hat. I live deep in the heart of Penguin country. Not coincidentally, that's also the heart of the "Stiller Nation", where I'm already a bit of a pariah because I'm not a Steelers fan and I don't "bleed black and gold". I rarely talk sports around here because... well... I'm not crazy. These people are deadly serious about their sports.)

Blah, blah, blah... Anyway, the video reminded me of a WDVE/Scott Paulsen classic written in 1997 and dedicated to the Flyers:

From the song:

Our defense sucks.
Our goalie's nuts.
And all our fans
Are drunks and sluts.

Now, when that was written, the Pens goalies were Tom Barrasso and Ken Wregget (my favorite Penguin goalie... and he was nuts), but although it's out of date, it's still the first thing that came to mind.

And whaddya know... Fifteen years later, the song still makes me grin.

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