Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The So-Cons have Finally Gone TOO FAR!

We've all seen the headlines.

Uproar over teh gayz at CPAC... A Governor who drew fire from his own party because he suggested a truce on social issues... Another Governor/Prez-hopeful who announced that if he's elected to the top spot he'll work to reinstate DADT... The suggestion that atheism is to blame for the Tuscon shootings... Or how about the very notion that a man who compared homosexuality to sex with animals might have a shot at the Republican nomination?

Yes, there have been disturbing signs that the social conservatives are getting out of control.

And now, via Memeorandum, I see that they're stepping it up. Once again, so-cons are trying to criminalize victimless interactions between consenting adults based on nothing more than some lame moral superiority complex.

So never mind that prostitution is the world's oldest paid profession. Never mind Nevada's long tradition of sin as business. And never mind minding your own beeswax. The so-cons won't be stopped. Their next big priority is making said oldest profession illegal in the last place it is legal!

Huh? Say what?

It's actually Harry Reid (D-umbass) who's proposing this?! In the name of jobs?!

Bwahaha! Hey, Reid... What about the prostitutes who'll be forced to join the Nevada unemployment rolls?

Seriously now. I'm a libertarian. I say legalize it everywhere. It's yours... if you wanna rent it out, I think that's yer business. I'm of the firm opinion that if the persons involved are over the age of consent, the government has no place in the discussion.

And I just have to laugh at this. I'm accustomed to my ideas not always flying with my friends on the right. I understand where their opinions come from on this, even when we disagree. I get why we disagree, if you see my point.

But this? Oh, no. I don't get it at all. Reid actually said:

"If we want to attract business to Nevada that puts people back to work, the time has come for us to outlaw prostitution."

Yeah! That's logic! Bring in jobs by making employed individuals into unemployed criminals!


Maybe I do get it...

"Unemployed criminals"? Hmmm. When you add those folks to the organized workers, you've more or less accounted for the Democratic voting base, no?

Mystery solved!

Harry Reid is a genius!

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Chris Wysocki said...

I think the problem is the Democrats already prostitute themselves out and they don't want the competition.

I'm with you, legalize it everywhere. Yeah, that's counter-intuitive with my hard-line Catholicism, but we're talking liberties here. If there's a willing seller and a willing buyer what business is it for the state to say "no"?