Thursday, October 15, 2009

Black Irish

Via GatewayPundit:

The (racist) leaders of the Maryland (racist) NAACP have made a (racist) resolution to prevent Governor Martin O'Malley from (racist) naming a (racist) mayor to replace (racist) criminal current Mayor Sheila Dixon, who faces nine (racist) charges including theft (racist) and perjury.

Getting an idea how I feel about this?

This is little more than racist grandstanding. According to Dan Friedman, an assistant attorney general and counsel to the General Assembly, the governor doesn't even have the authority to appoint a mayor. Yet the NAACP felt compelled to protect this city from the Governor. Why? Well, you see, Martin O'Malley is a white republican. That means he's liable to appoint a mayor (assuming he had the power, which he does not) who is white. Or, worse yet... IRISH!

I'm not making this up. The Baltimore Sun quotes Marvin Cheatham, president of the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP as saying: "Our concern is who would the governor appoint? ... Here you have a predominantly African-American city. What if the governor appointed somebody white? ... Would he appoint someone Irish to be the mayor?"

Howzat?! Baltimore can't have a white mayor (or gawd forbid, an IRISH one) because the city is predominantly black? Following this (faulty) logic, the Obamas should pack up their crappy art and move back to Chicago, right? Good grief.

One question for the Maryland NAACP: How would you feel about a mayor who's Black Irish? Would that make it OK?

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