Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get Nekkid For The Cause!

This post combines Rule 5 Sunday with something that never fails to amaze and confuse me...

Seems like some folks think it's not a protest unless you get nekkid (or nearly so) first. I truly don't understand it. I'm not offended, it doesn't bother me... I just don't understand it.

I've mentioned Petapeople before - and I'll mention them again - because they want to bare their bods every time someone swats a fly, but it's not just them. Yesterday, I saw this at TMZ:

Funny... I didn't realize until I saw this that gay was illegal. Hmmmmm. She's already spreading awareness, huh?
Anyway, it makes me curious. Do groups REALLY think this is the best way to represent your message? I mean, sure it gets attention, but does it promote the cause? Any cause?

Here's another example from Zombie:

Maybe I'm cynical. When I see these folks, I never think about what it is they're protesting. I just see someone who wants desperately to be nekkid in public, and uses their personal politics as an excuse. I guess I figure, if you're an exhibitionist, why not just admit and enjoy it? Why wrap it in a disguise of "protest"? It's not like you look any more legitimate cruising down the sidewalk in your drawers - or less - just because you have a sign painted on your tummy.

And NO entry on nekkid protest would be complete without the Petapeople:

This one is actually kind of scary in a weird, Evil-Willy-Wonka-On-Acid kind of way...

Seriously... is anyone more likely to ditch their expensive fur coat because the guy on the left has his pants around his ankles? Is this effective? Petapeople have been taking it off every chance they get since they were founded - and people STILL eat meat, wear fur, and give out M&Ms for Halloween. I think if I were putting forth such an effort - not to mention the risk of catching a cold - I'd want a little more return on my investment. Which is why I believe they just like for a ton of people to stare at them naked. Petapeople are soooo much about nekkid, if you search their site, they actually have a gallery of naked protest photos!

Petapeople (and the lady who believes gay is against the law) seem to think if you shock the hell out of someone, it's the same as getting your point across. I disagree. I think all most folks take away from these protests is that some fool was nekkid in the street. (Although in San Francisco, it probably doesn't even turn heads.) I guess I figure, if you want to change someone's mind, you should hit them with a reasonable argument, not your bare butt. Otherwise, you're simply drawing more negative attention to yourself, rather than the target of your protest. Kind of the way these two will never convince mainstream America to legalize marijuana:

UPDATE: Thanks to The Other McCain for the link! Rule #1 really works! :)

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