Friday, April 15, 2011

Eeeeek! Yucky Meat Pictures!

Oh, this is funny.

A vegan website has a rant up about VegNews magazine running pictures of... wait for it...

ZOMG MEAT!!!1!11!

Hooboy. My belly hurts from laughing.

Now, I've never treated the vegans with anything other than... ok, with mockery, disrespect and more mockery.

(In fact, I've gone farther than that on multiple occasions.)

But while I don't share their compunctions about animal-based protein, I could at least grasp why they choose to abstain from eating it.

But now they're too delicate to even look at it?

Oh, good grief.

The controversy stems from the fact that the magazine is photoshopping pictures of meat to make it look like meat-alternatives. (There's a gross euphemism for ya. "Meat alternative". Blech.)

Anyway, the vegans-with-the-vapors can't comprehend why a magazine (which relies heavily on attractive visuals, natch) wouldn't show actual vegan dishes.

Uh... I have a theory.

Maybe it's because while veggies look beautiful when fresh, whole and colorful... once you whup them up into a vegan meal, the result looks kinda like a bowl of vomit.

Just sayin'.

UPDATE: Oh fer cryin' out loud. Now this is big news, too?

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