Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I then explained the obvious problem with his third eye being opened in public"

Heh again. More Fark, more nekkid.

This time it's a vegan who ate some Taco Bell and blasted open his third eye.

C'mon... you've had Taco Bell. He's lucky his "third eye" is all that blasted open.

Oh. Did I mention he was a teacher who stripped at school after being fired? Kinda makes you wonder why he was fired, huh?

Don't worry. He'll be all right. In fact, he's still planning to teach:
"...on a new level, with hands in the earth, gathering the essence and learning how to love one another and fully appreciate the spiritual realm."
Taco Bell. Opening third eyes, and appreciating the spiritual realm. Nekkid.

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