Friday, April 15, 2011

SE Cupp responds to Olbermann, comes off looking worse than he did

I'm really beginning to think this woman is a ninny.

I posted earlier about Olbermann's tweet heard 'round the world. (I obviously do not subscribe to the general conservative view on this.)


Not content to bask in the outraged support of her admirers (not to mention her mother), S E Cupp took to the airwaves to respond to Olbermann herself...

And came off sounding like a fool.

(Yeah, yeah. I know. But I ducked the rock, so better luck next time.)

Appearing on Beck's radio program (as covered by The Blaze), she said... well... she said some pretty stupid stuff.

Beginning with what I assume was a joke (albeit a bad one), she said of Olbermann's feelings toward her:
I don't recall ever turning down one of his sexual advances, so I don't know what his beef with me is...
Oh, heehee. Ain't I cute?

But then we move to melodrama.
When you get death threats and hate mail, you never get used to hearing that someone wishes you were dead.
Oh, give me a fuckin' break. While I believe she gets death threats and hate mail, I don't believe for a second you can reasonably compare KO's remarks to such. Come on. The guy's a tool, but he's also just a mouth and everyone knows it. Besides, he didn't wish her dead... he wished she'd never been born. Not the same thing.
No one is going to be surprised to learn that Keith Olbermann is incredibly misogynistic and has huge problems with women.
Noooo. But some folks might be surprised to learn that a supposed writer doesn't know that "has huge problems with women" is pretty much the definition of the word "misogynistic". Wonder if she knows the definition of "redundant"?

She goes on to lament that Olbermann would
...spew that kind of vile in a public forum...
I guess she needs the definition of "vile" as well. (Hint, punkin'... it ain't a noun.)

She also mentions her mother's defense, which most adults might be embarrassed by.
And it involved my mom, most importantly, who was kind enough to address a letter to him on the Blaze because I didn't really have the stomach for it yesterday. She had no problem, let me tell you.
Maybe she had no problem with it, but aren't you grown? As a supposedly mature, professional adult, is it appropriate to send a note from your mommy when things get all icky?

Back to the melodrama... was really gross, and unfortunately a kind of a sad and scary moment...
Gross? Scary? My head hurts. But she keeps talking.
I'm just gonna put it out there - he better hope nothing happens to me in the next few days or else he's gonna get a wrath (rash?) of hell rained down upon him...
Oh, lady, are you shitting me?! If something happens to you... Give me a break. Are you almost finished?

Ooop. Turns out she is. Just this one last little tidbit to share.
It would be really nice if some groups like Planned Parenthood or NOW or some of the feminist groups would sort of come out and say that we reject this kind of invective...
WHY?! Why do you need liberal women's group to speak out? Would that make it less gross or scary? Who gives a shit where they stand? You know they don't stand for you!

I know... it's probably sarcasm. (Let's hope... but I suspect that might be giving her too much credit.) Still, why even go there?

My opinion?

She's gonna milk this sucker for all it's worth (which is already far more than it should have been), and stretch it into as much publicity as she can.

A more appropriate response would have been to shrug it off with a "consider the source" and a grin, while reminding all the concerned conservatives she's made of tougher stuff.

Unless she isn't.

In which case she should take her purse and go home.

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