Friday, April 1, 2011

WyBlog to acquire The New York Times in stock swap deal

In a blogging move that makes the highly successful "Underpants Gnome Business Plan" look like amateur hour, Chris Wysocki of WyBlog has orchestrated a deal to acquire the now-languishing-behind-a-paywall New York Times in a stock trade.

Readers who've been put off by the NYT's newly enacted demand for money will be happy to learn that Wysocki has a better plan:
"Pay for my beer and I'll let you in behind the wall," Wysocki said. "Hell, pay for any right-of-center blogger's beer and you're in like Flynn."
And in addition to weeding out the entrenched liberal reporters ("I went down to the parking garage and fired everybody whose car had an Obama bumper sticker on it. And for the 20 or so cars with Kerry/Edwards stickers, those guys I shot on sight."), he's looking for new writing talent ("Everyone on my blogroll is encouraged to apply," Wysocki said. "You're pretty much guaranteed a job so long as you link this post.")

Head to WyBlog for the whole story, and congratulate him on this blogging coup.

We'll be able to say, "We knew him when..."

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