Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And then there's THIS guy...

Keith Olbermann has his little segment where he features the "Worst Person", and in typical liberal hyperbolic fashion, it's usually someone who isn't doing actual harm -- Bristol Palin comes to mind. When I think "Worst Person", I think of the kind of people whose life mission seems to be spreading unhappiness and pain -- Keith Olbermann comes to mind. (Couldn't resist.)

And then there's THIS guy...

PA's own "Dirtbag of the Century" award is locked up.

Jody Lynn Bennett, 37, is accused of stealing. From a coffin, during funeral services.

Bradley David-McCombs Jr., who was 17, died in a car accident on Christmas Day. In his coffin during viewing were a couple of GameBoy consoles and a few tapes. Bennett stole all of it, and fled when confronted.


These poor people. Not only did they lose their son... they lost him on Christmas Day. That would be all the heartbreak any family needs.

And this asshole decided to give them just a little more.

I hope this guy gets caught. And after he's caught, I hope they throw the book at him -- or beat him to death with it. Short of that, it is my sincere wish that this no-good motherfucker gets absolutely brutalized in jail.

Jody Lynn Bennett. I hope his name becomes synonymous with shit. I hope by this time tomorrow, the entire world knows his name and face, and he can't find a rock to hide under.

Jody Lynn Bennett. May karma bring you exactly what's coming to you.

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