Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unintended Consequences

I'm prone to ear worms.

Y'know... when a song gets stuck in your head, playing in a loop, until you think you'll go mad. I've mentioned this problem before.

Scientists think they could be caused by anything from brain tumors to schizophrenia to genius. (I'm going with genius. And if the other voices in my head don't pipe down about it, I'm gonna beat them into submission.)


I made a terrible error today. I posted that Minchin song.

When The Kid played it for me (not having seen my anti-feminist rants) it struck me as fate. That song HAD to go on the blog, right?

Yeah. Except now it's stuck in my head. For the last coupla hours, I keep breaking out randomly with, "Fuck, I love boobs, though!"

Some of you are laughing harder than others right now.

I gotta do something about this.


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