Friday, December 17, 2010

Hippy Smokes

From the department of What The Fuck...?!

I smoke. You knew that.

I smoke Camels. Regular ol' full-strength, unleaded Camel Filters.

Camels have been on sale. Which is a good thing, because at the rate they tax the damn things, my habit is now more expensive than addiction to crack.

So a sale is a great thing. Buck off a pack, and they have designs on them. Mine feature Sturgis. Pretty fuckin' tough, right?

...sigh... except they were out of regulars. So, with the economy what it is, I opted for a pack of Camel Lights at $1 off. (If I want it stronger, I'm not at all above cutting off half the filter.) Still, works out just fine, right? Right?

Presenting exhibit A:

There's a peace sign on my smokes.

I'm trying to figure out what the hell they're smoking over at RJReynolds. Whatever it is, they don't sell it - if ya get my drift. Why would a cigarette company want to honor a town that would outlaw the Happy Meal? How do you think they feel about smokes?!


Reminds me of the truck.

Did I mention the truck? No?

One of my spawn drives a pickup. It's one bad little truck. Looks cool, sounds mean as hell, four wheel drive. I love the truck. I love to drive the truck.

Or, I did...

Last time I had the truck, I jumped in without looking closely. I wanted to get smokes (crazy coincidence, huh?) and was in a hurry. As I left the same gas station where I just bought my hippy smokes, I noticed something new about the truck.

She's plastered neon flowers and peace signs on the small windows behind the seats. (They go really well with the camo Army seat covers and steering wheel cover. /sarc. Teenagers are contrary.)

Anyway, I don't drive the truck anymore.

And next time, I'm paying the extra buck for normal cigarettes. Hippies and the economy be damned.

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