Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bush Would Have Stood With Iranian Protesters

GatewayPundit has some extensive coverage of the protests in Iran and the government crackdown. Protesters, including the nephew of Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, have been shot it the streets. Some are chanting “This is a month of blood. Khamenei will be toppled!”, and “Down with the dictator!”

And from the White House..... Crickets.

What I wouldn't give to swap this sissy in the White House for George Bush right about now.

Obama, who is so naive about real evil that he believes America should be apologizing to everyone, is incapable of recognizing what is happening in Iran. He has no concept of genuine struggle against oppression because he has subscribed to the liberal notion that any inconvenience or insult is oppression. They've made mountains of so many molehills that they don't recognize when they're staring at the Andes.

George W. Bush had a lot of faults, yes... But he understood the deep human need for real freedom. And he understood that as we had to fight for our independence, so will others who long to throw off the dictators who hold them down.

He also understood that those people would need support, and that the rest of the free world had an obligation to rally together for all our best interest. The following excerpts are from a speech about Lebanon... but change it to "Iran" as you read:

"By now it should be clear that decades of excusing and accommodating tyranny, in the pursuit of stability, have only led to injustice and instability and tragedy. It should be clear that the advance of democracy leads to peace, because governments that respect the rights of their people also respect the rights of their neighbors. It should be clear that the best antidote to radicalism and terror is the tolerance and hope kindled in free societies. And our duty is now clear: For the sake of our long-term security, all free nations must stand with the forces of democracy and justice that have begun to transform the Middle East."

And more:

"Today I have a message for the people of Lebanon: All the world is witnessing your great movement of conscience. Lebanon's future belongs in your hands, and by your courage, Lebanon's future will be in your hands. The American people are on your side. Millions across the earth are on your side. The momentum of freedom is on your side, and freedom will prevail in Lebanon."

This is what the protesters in Iran need to hear. And they need to hear it from the leader of the largest free society on earth. They need to know they are not alone in their struggle to acquire what we take for granted - simple human freedom.

President Obama has a chance here to do right. This is an opportunity to make a positive mark not only on America, but the world. He can lead the planet in standing with Iranians against a dictator, and help move the Middle East closer to peace. He can live up to his own hype.

But he won't. At best, we can hope he'll keep quiet so as to not make things worse.

Legal Insurrection is also noticing the crickets in DC.
And a link! Thanks! Gateway Pundit links, too. Thanks!

UPDATE: Huh. Who'da thunk? The White House has actually issued a statement condemning the murder of protesters by the thug regime.

"Hope and history are on the side of those who peacefully seek their universal rights, and so is the United States."

Still, it would be better if Obama spoke out personally, rather than through a mouthpiece. This should be a bigger deal to him than the Olympics -- and he can't wait to get his mug on TV any other time.

C'mon, Mr. President. Fire up the teleprompter and say something eloquent. The world is waiting.

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Avraham said...

I think you are right. I think America has an obligation to stand up for democracy wherever it exits.