Sunday, December 20, 2009

FAUX-Nekkid Protesters!

Oh, this is too funny.

I read the other day that a bunch of activists in New York were planning a nekkid bike ride to protest their bike path being removed. No shocker there, as every so-called activist worth their salt knows it isn't a protest if you have your clothes on.

Anway, I just saw on RiehlWorldView that these are sissy protesters. See, it's cold out there. I mean, sure it's December and all... but it's cold out there! And snowy!

The solution? Pin fake, plastic boobies to your warm winter coat!

I suppose most of the boobies in Peta ads are plastic, too... So what's the big deal, right?

Well, as much as I hate Peta and all Petapeople, at least they have the courage of their convictions.

Fake boobs pinned to a winter coat! I'm sorry, but that's freakin' hilarious. I hope those losers' butts freeze to their bike seats. Bwahaha! Once again, a stunning example of what I had in mind when I named this blog.

Plastic boobs. Too funny!

(Hey... the Peta babes make this another Rule 5 Sunday post! This week I managed a three-fer threeway threesome TRIFECTA! Can I get a WOOT WOOT? Here's Pam Anderson and some Keira Knightley, if it please ya.)

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