Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pamela Anderson Raises Millions For Charity

It's Rule 5 Sunday again. It's also almost Christmas, so I was thinking about celebrities who do good things for the little people.... The Daily Beast had a piece up about Hollywood folks who produce the most money for their charities, either by driving or giving donations. The number one female by dollar amount was Madonna - who makes my skin crawl - so I skipped along to number two (three on the list).

Pamela Anderson.

Huh. Who'da thunk? (And, she's long been in a place of high traffic generation honor on McCain's site! I should get bonus linky points for that!)

Turns out Pamela drives nearly $5 MILLION to her chosen charity annually. Almost $5 million a year, and she's been doing it for almost 15 years.

Pam's charity? Peta. (Oh fer cryin' out loud. I hate Peta. They're terrorists, remember?)

That's right. Between her publicity campaigns, nekkid posters, fundraising and personal donations, she's sending a small fortune every year to protect critters.

Drop the bacon doublecheeseburger, pal!

Now, I was thinking... It's a waste to me to see so much money going to a cult. Especially one that would like to take away my bacon, my dog, my leather jacket... You get the point.

But apparently, she does do some charity work for people, too. She even worked a soup kitchen on the holidays, helping to cook and serve Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate.

Why does this kid look so terrified? Could it be the Tofurky? Or Faux turkey? Whatever the hell that muck is supposed to be!

Still, it's more than many do. I've never served at soup kitchen. And I've certainly never raised $5 million for charity - let alone year after year after year...

So I'll try to be mature about the fact that I think it's an enormous waste. You'd think since she's such a motivated fundraiser, she could do something for... oh, I dunno... starving babies or homeless vets instead of seals and kittens. But I'm cutting her a break, remember? I won't even get into her leather Viper seats, her collection of leather purses, her leather UGGS, or her being the hostess at the opening of that steakhouse...

Nah. It's Christmas. (Almost.) So I'll let that go. I'll just close with the idea that maybe she should use these props below for a different purpose. Like getting a clue.

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