Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fistgate - More There Than You Realize

GatewayPundit has a post up this morning about Fistgate, the Kevin Jennings "Safe Schools" scandal.

Some of the reading material recommended by GLSEN (Jennings group) is under fire for its very questionable content in light of it's target... 7-12th graders.

Jim's highlighting a set of pictures showing the Boy Scouts watching homosexual intercourse. Can it get worse than that?


Look closely at the picture. I don't see two scouts watching adult men have sex. I see an ADULT scout leader and a CHILD scout watching:

(UPDATE - I've removed the picture.  You'll have to refer to the copy at Gateway Pundit.  I blog from my living room, and I'm tired of having to scroll as fast as I can to make sure my kids aren't exposed to this filth.  While I support other websites showing it, and I think this is an important issue, when it comes to what's on my monitor my kids come first. -END UPDATE)

Forget firing Jennings. I say we prosecute.

Thanks to GatewayPundit for the link. And thank you, Jim Hoft -- for covering this story in the first place. It's disgusting to read and see, but it's more disgusting to think our kids may have been exposed to this without our knowledge if Jennings has his way.

ANOTHER UPDATE:   After following this story (and comments) in various blogs, I've decided to clarify my position on this issue...  If you've read this post, please go on and read this one as well.  Thank you.


Uvon said...


Sign the petition to Fire 'Unsafe School Czar' Kevin Jennings and share this petition with everyone you know.

Jennings Petition at GrassRootsNation

Get the Fire Jennings Widget for your website or blog here.

ScratcherMMBI said...

Thank you for that link. I'd already signed, but I'm happy to help.