Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stephen Kings Brings 'Em Home For The Holidays

Just saw this on RiehlWorldView:

Stephen King has donated $12,999 to help 150 soldiers from the Maine Army National Guards come home for Christmas.

Turns out, he was approached about donating $13k, but 13's unlucky, so somebody else kicked in the last buck.

Pretty cool. King's one of my favorite writers (Yes, I love escapist horror stuff.), even if his politics are very liberal. Really great to see someone who has extra doing something so nice for others.

Merry Christmas to King, his family, and the soldiers he helped bring home for the holiday. Just hope that bus doesn't come to life and drive you all into another dimension or something instead!

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Lemmy Caution said...

Just finished "Under The Dome" last night. Good stuff. Extremely entertaining.

Nice story.