Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama Speaks On Terror Attempt - Finally

Joe Casual gave a statement today on the attempted Christmas terror attack. With an unbuttoned shirt and no tie, one might think he'd dashed straight from the beach upon being notified and rushed directly to the press zone to give speak to his country.

One would be wrong.

Despite three days prep time, Obama couldn't manage bother to dress appropriately or polish up his remarks. The speech was so lousy, I'm not going to link it or quote it. Enduring the monotone, emotionally barren remarks was like listening to your assistant principal from high school drone on and on and on. Except the assistant principal was professional enough to button his shirt and put on a tie.

And will somebody please deliver his teleprompter to Hawaii? It was almost painful to watch him constantly scanning his notes between attempts to look somber.

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