Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White House Christmas - Obamas Hang Chairman Mao Ornament

Yesterday, BigGovernment ran a story about the "new" White House Christmas tree ornaments.  These ornaments were actually taken from storage at the White House and sent to be recycled into new decorations...  The result isn't half as nice as the one my kindergartener made at school this year.

Artistic talent (or total lack thereof) aside, the ornaments are causing a stir.  Not only did the White House allow for and promote the ruin of White House historic decorations, not only did they allow it to be done by (apparently) people who could take cut and paste lessons from a five-year-old... they allowed a Christmas tree in the White House of the United States of America to be decorated with a communist mass-murderer and dictator.  Niiiice.

This morning on Hot Air, I see AllahPundit is making excuses for this travesty:

"...isn’t the most likely explanation here that they really didn’t know what was on the ornaments? Why court PR trouble with a deliberate provocation via something this trivial? More interesting to me is the fact that Doonan evidently thought this sort of thing would be welcome in a Democratic White House."
Reindeer excrement.  I'm not buying that idea for a second.

Do you think it's a reasonable assumption that the Obamas didn't know what was on these ugly things?  Not me - not at all.  I'd be willing to bet that the ornaments were carefully screened for religious themes and "art". 

"Why court the PR trouble"?  Because this administration is tone deaf to the feelings and patriotism of the average American.  We're talking about a President who has accomplished very little - beyond apologizing for this country every chance he gets.  We're talking about a First Lady who was never proud of her country until it became wise enough to elect her husband to top office.  We're talking about an administration that embraces socialists (Van Jones) and makes apologies for communist sympathizers (Anita Dunn).

So, we should be suprised that Doonan thought this would be acceptable "art" for the Obama tree?

I defended President Obama over the "War on Chritmas" flap that started with his "Seasons Greetings" cards.  I would have defended the choice to not display the creche.  I can't won't defend this.  And I disagree 100% with AllahPundit that this was an oversight, or they "really didn't know".

They knew.  They just didn't have a problem with it.  And I doubt they understand why we do. 

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