Saturday, December 19, 2009

FISTGATE - A Clarification of MY Position

I have a post up about the Kevin Jennings "Fistgate" scandal.  I'm 100% behind getting rid of this guy.  Not only should he not be involved in any way with our schools, I think he's borderline to be prosecuted for promoting pedophilia.

That said, I want to clarify my position on this issue.  I've been following this story on several blogs, and keeping an eye on the comments.  I'm troubled by the amount of blatant homophobia (or plain old hatred) I see in connection to this story.  This sentiment is mainly (but not solely) in comments sections.  I'll not name or link them because I don't feel any blog should be held accountable for comments, but I'm troubled all the same.

I posted once about the problems I have with liberals.  Well, this judgemental BS is one of my big problems with conservatives.  (See... I'm an equal opportunity complainer.)  I hate and detest the mindset that someone must pass a religious or other-directed moral test to be a decent person.

I don't care if Kevin Jennings is homosexual.  I don't care that he's a homosexual activist.  My caring about this man and his life begins and ends at his position regarding schools and schoolchildren.

I am not bothered by homosexuality.  I'd be fine with with allowing homosexuals to get married.  First, I think it's a lot more fair than same-sex benefits, since partnership benefits are not extended to heterosexual couples who live together without being married.  Second, I figure if gays can see the 50% divorce rates in heterosexual marriage and still want to marry... well, why can't they have the right to be as miserable as everybody else?  (That's kind of a joke.  Not all married folks are miserable...  but many are.)  Third, I completely reject the notion that allowing gays to marry does harm to my (or anyone's) hetero marriage.

I even support some of Jennings's ideas.  Helping to protect gay kids from bullying and exclusion is a positive thing, in my opinion.  Teaching tolerance (at age appropriate levels) is a good thing.

BUT...   I have a serious problem with the Jennings/GLSEN reading materials and conferences.  Does that make me a hypocrite?  I don't think so.  My problem with it has nothing to do with homosexuality.  I object to the graphic - nay, pornographic - nature of the material involved.  I object to grown adults of any sexual orientation giving instruction on sexual practices to school kids.  I do NOT mean sex ed, I mean detailed instructions on how to perform sex acts.  And I object to any adults supplying anyone with materials that promote or tolerate sex between kids and adults.

As often with conservatism, I find myself agreeing with the goal and yet completely put off by the motivations of some of those whose goal I share.  I want Jennings out of the schools.  Period.  I want him looked at for possible prosecution for promoting victimization of children.  I want GLSEN and all its "teaching aids" far, FAR from my kids and everyone else's...

But I'm disgusted by the attitudes of some who share my position, and I have no desire to be labeled a homophobe or intolerant hater by association.  My suggestion to those who want a solution is to put your personal prejudices away for the moment, stop quoting the Bible in your posts and comments, and focus on the adult/child aspect of this scandal.  I'll not be a party to an anti-gay witch hunt, and I genuinely believe it hurts the prospects for removing this pervert if he becomes a martyr for gay activism because we make the fight about sexual orientation as opposed to victimization of children.   

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