Sunday, December 27, 2009

CBS News Loses Last Shred of Credibility

I just saw a story on CBS News that discusses the President's Hawaiian vacation -- which has been rudely interrupted by a man-caused disaster an attempted terror attack.

As you might remember, President George W. Bush took a lot of heat from the media over his "vacations" at his Crawford ranch, as well as for his golf games. Reporters were quick to point out that he couldn't be properly conducting official business far from the White House.

Well the toadying bootlickers stalwart journalists at CBS are here to reassure us. President Obama may be on vacation, but he's on the job! Here's a taste:

"The president sprung into action."

That's right. Sprung. Like Superman from a phone booth. Here's more:

"One of his basketball partners today was his national security chief of staff, so you could say that even while relaxing, he's always close to his top aides."

Oh, gag me.

They want us to be content in the knowledge that aside from some golf, a few basketball games, the beach and island exploring... well, aside from all that vacation stuff, he's on top of the job!

Mr. President... Get your ass home and do your job. Seriously. We are possibly witnessing a revolution in a country long torn by war. We have had a too-near miss on another airplane. Your senators are tapping the keg while you're out of the house like teenagers whose parents have left them home alone.

And you're playing basketball while the suckups in the press defend you. Nice.

UPDATE via GatewayPundit:

The British press is doing a better job of calling out Obama than his state run media at home. From The Telegraph's Nile Gardiner:

"And again there is deafening silence from the Commander-in-Chief as well as his Secretary of State. And where is the president? On vacation in Hawaii, no doubt recuperating from his exertions driving forward the monstrous health care reform bill against the overwhelming will of the American public and without a shred of bipartisan support."

Ouch. There's more:

"The United States has a major role to play in inspiring and advancing freedom in Iran, and the president should make it clear that the American people are on the side of those brave Iranians who are laying down their lives for liberty in the face of tyranny."

Maybe if we could get the SEIU over to Iran to "organize" those protesters, he'd finally see them as worthy of his attention.

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