Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Conservative Blogger Debate

Turns out, conservatives don't agree on everything. One area of contention is America's handling of the War on Terror, and it effect on our foreign policy.

On Sunday, two conservative bloggers (who happen to be great friends of this blog) will be going head-to-head in what we believe will be the first multi-blog, multi-round debate of its kind.

Our debaters will be Russ from That's Right and The-Classic-Liberal.

The moderators will be Steve from Motor City Times, and myself. We will post alternating questions on our own sites (with MCT starting things off for us tomorrow) while linking to replies and follow-ups, as well as linking the running commentary from the other blogs involved.

That's Right and The Classic Liberal will post their responses to the questions, and the follow-ups to one another, on their respective blogs.

And don't miss the commentary and assorted punditry on the debate. Check out Republican Redefined, Present Discontent, Washington Rebel, and Wyblog. If I become aware of others, I'll get them linked for you as well.

The showdown begins tomorrow... fittingly, at high noon.

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