Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rahm's Retarded Remarks

Sarah Palin has called for the firing of Rahm Emanuel over his use of the word retarded as a derogatory term. Opinions seem to be split on whether to agree with her. Even in my own family, we can't reach a consensus on this.

The blogosphere is no different. This morning I found myself in a rare difference of opinion with TChristopher from Republican Redefined, with whom I frequently agree 100% on other issues:

"...when did we as Republicans/Conservatives become so much like the Left that we have to jump all over these stories? When did we become the thought police and Big Brother watching the actions of all Americans and monitoring their every word? I fully understand that Emanuel is a member of the administration and is accordingly held to a higher standard, but seriously? Is this really grounds for resignation?"

In a word -- yes. And I'll tell you why I feel that way.

First of all, right or wrong, I'd like to see Rahm Emanuel fired for any legitimate reason we can come up with. Anything. The man repulses me on an almost primal level, on par with the liver-fluke man from the X-Files.

On second thought, this guy is LESS creepy than Rahm...
Second, it is very appropriate to hold one of the top advisers to the President of the United States to a higher level than Joe Normal next door. I don't see or foresee Sarah Palin riding around America on her tour bus, giving regular people hell for using this word. But Rahm Emanuel has his creepy little mouth right against the ear of the President, who has made his own thoughtless and insensitive remarks regarding the Special Olympics.
But mostly, it's the hypocrisy of the thing that galls me. The left invented political correctness. And while Sarah Palin compared it to the use of racial epithets, I can think of a dozen more examples, all of which would probably never pass the lips of a liberal politician. Can you imagine any of them saying "Oh, that's so gay!" as a description? Or denigrating welfare recipients?
It's the liberals who brought us the Thought Police in the first place. Now, if we use Harry Reid or Rahm Emanuel as examples, they're apparently as immune to their own rules as Congress will be immune to their health care nightmare should they ever manage to pass it. I say, hold them to the rules they made up for the rest of us to follow! In fact, isn't that another of their rules?

Finally, I'm not trying to be a hypocrite either. I'm guilty of using politically incorrect terms myself from time to time. I've referred to myself as a technotard on this very blog and I've been known to refer to myself as a Mick, just as examples. But there a a couple of big differences between Rahm Emanuel and me. (Not least of which - hopefully - I don't bring to mind the liver-fluke man.)

I am not in a high government position where my actions reflect on - and possibly influence - the President of the United States. And more importantly...? If I did say something that hurt someone and they let me know I had hurt them, I would immediately offer a sincere apology and retraction. I would not call the head of the Special Olympics (who is apparently the token apology-acceptor for any stupid remarks by this administration) and then send out a press release.

Hey, Liver-Fluke Man Rahm.... How hard would it have been to stick that creepy mug in front of a camera for two minutes and just say, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean any harm, and it was just a figure of speech, but I'll make an honest effort to be a little more sensitive." I think that would have gone a long way. Instead, he took the coward's way out and then had to be shamed into apologizing properly.

And lest you think Rahm is the only insensitive, intolerant, hypocritical liberal out there... here's a sample of the comments on this story from Democratic Underground, that bastion of progressive thought:

"Special" children is what you get when fathers impregnate daughters. That is why Caribou Barbie is so sensitive about this subject.

Sexism and implied incest. Nice. Very PC.

Thanks but no thanks, Sarah!!!! We don't need your input!As much as some
people might have have issues with Rahm, it is SEVERELY stretching it to claim that what he said should be construed as a slur against individuals whom have various handicaps and that he needs to resign/be fired over THIS.

THIS from a poster with a gay pride flag for an avatar.

Using her own kid as a club to beat people with. Such a caring mother.

Beat people with her kid. Yes, that's what this is all about. And disparaging remarks about what kind of mother she is from the very people who would probably rather she had aborted what they no doubt consider a defective baby.

I agree with Palin. Fire him. Not because he said a stupid thing. Because he doesn't care that it was offensive, he believes the rules they have written don't apply to him, and he's no doubt mad as hell that he was forced to fake an apology to people he probably really does look down on.

Also, he's creepier than the liver-fluke man. That's reason enough right there.


Thats Right said...

I definitely see the resemblance.



Republican Redefined said...

Hands down the most heinous picture I have ever seen. I might have vomited twice - once because of the picture and once because of the booze.