Friday, February 19, 2010

Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

Less than two hours ago I posted about an intolerant jackass getting booed at CPAC. I was happy to see the crowd reject the open hostility of Ryan Sorba, and was hoping perhaps this was a sign that more conservatives would be able to get past what are more properly personal matters and concentrate on the business at hand - fixing the government.

Again via HotAir, I learn that there's continuing tension. GOProud is co-sponsor of an event there, and yet you have some attendees who still want to exclude them or marginalize them.

I don't see an answer to this conflict. You have some conservatives out there who won't bend on this issue. There is no room for compromise with them. You have conservatives who happen to be gay being rejected outright for their personal lives, when what should matter right this moment is their dedication to the Constitution and their country. Then you have folks like me... strongly conservative when it comes to finance, national security and smaller government but who are extremely put off by the intense moral superiority complex of those who would limit government involvement in everything except personal behavior.

If we want to set America back on the correct path, we're going to have to work this out. Quickly. Otherwise, divided we'll lose. Some of you conservatives are going to have to come to terms with a hard fact... Namely, to win the next elections and stop our disastrous course, you need the gay conservatives, and the libertarian conservatives, and the independents that lean left but not this far left, even every moderate Democrat you can hook...

You're going to have to reach deep inside you, and come up with some good old fashioned compassion and tolerance for your fellow man - and never mind if he's wearing mascara. If he's supporting the candidate that will defend the Constitution, he's one of you.


MissTammy said...

Amen. And I think we will. There will always be a small majority of people in the party who will object, but I personally think this is soon to be a non-issue for the most part.

Matt said...

You have a point.

I think those on our side with strong libertarian leanings will be the "conscience" of a revitalized Conservative movement. I know that social Conservatives have issues with this (I am one so I know), but the libertarian folks can put a brake on extremes.

ScratcherMMBI said...

I hope you're both right. I sincerely do. Because if we can't get past this issue, we're going to lose.