Monday, February 15, 2010

White Out

It's still snowing.

In the first storm, we got two feet. In the second, we lucked out, and only finished with six inches or so. (Mind you, this was sitting on top of the two feet we already had...) For days we've had "scattered flurries", which have added a fresh inch or so dusting nearly every day.

And it's still snowing.

This time they're calling for anywhere from three to ten inches. I can tell you it'll be more than three, because we've already had that much fall since 3:30 pm and it shows no sign of stopping.

Every light in my house is on. The car is idling in the driveway. (I wish I had an SUV. Hell, I wish I had two.) Every aerosol can in my house and garage is now empty: spray paint, WD-40, bug spray, hair spray... if it's in an aerosol can, I've been spraying it into the atmosphere. (The neighborhood smells like a chemical spill.) I've fed my dog. Twice.

And it's still f*cking snowing...


オテモヤン said...
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Thats Right said...'s still...fu**ing snowing...