Friday, February 5, 2010

Poor Picked-On Parasites

You know... in two posts now I've compared Rahm Emanuel to the liver fluke man.

Poor liver fluke man. What did he ever do to deserve that?

If you don't know, he's actually a character from an X-Files episode titled "The Host". If you've seen the episode, you know that he's a mutant created by human idiocy, and that he's a pitiful thing that doesn't deserve my scorn.

Rahm Emanuel, on the other hand....

I can't help it. (Nor do I try.) He gives me the heebie-jeebies. Has from the first time I saw him. It's an involuntary reaction -- like if you were to see a ginormous spider on your pillow moments after raising your head up. Ugh.

What he really reminds me of is some creepy Igor. That's right. I can easily imagine him whispering and lisping as he drags his club foot through the lab-OR-atory of life, snacking on insects and the life-blood of newborns, rubbing his knobby little hands together with glee at the idea of world domination.

Brrrrrrrrrrr..... Gives me shivers.

"Is it time to sign the health care bill, Mawstuh?"

That's more like it. I'm done picking on actual parasites. If Rahm wants me to quit picking on him, he'll have to crawl back under the coffin he calls home. Creep.


Thats Right said...

I'd like to see a weekly "What's Liver Fluke Man Up To?" series here. We forget that he's one of the puppetmasters of this whole heathen circus we call "the Obama Administration".

I think you found a mark. Stay with it.

Speaking of marks...what's E.J. Dionne been up to lately...?

nobody said...

As long as we are comparing members of the Administration to X-files villains, I nominate this guy:
as Barack Obummer's equivalent.
While not outwardly as ugly as Liver Fluke Man, Robert Patrick Modell was far more insidious, with his ability to control and manipulate the weak minded solely though the sound of his voice Remind you of anyone?

(And yes, I watched too much TV in the 90s.)