Sunday, February 28, 2010

Round 1: The Conservative Blogger Debate- The War On Terror

(cue Spaghetti western music...)

Turns out, conservatives don't agree on everything. One area of contention is America's handling of the War on Terror, and its effect on our foreign policy.

Today, two conservative bloggers (who happen to be great friends of this blog) will be going head-to-head in what we believe will be the first multi-blog, multi-round debate of its kind.

It's on.

The Conservative Blogger Debate begins now.

For the first round question, please see MotorCityTimes.

For the initial response, please see Russ at That's Right. Reply will be from The Classic Liberal.

And for assorted commentary and punditry, please check out these other blogs which are partnered in the debate, and will be chiming in as we go along:

Wyblog, Republican Redefined, Washington Rebel, Theo Spark, and Present Discontent.

Also linked at The Camp of the Saints!

Feel free to comment on any (or better yet, ALL) of these blogs.