Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terror Trials in Western Pennsylvania?

I don't know how I missed this...

My first hint that the terror trials might happen in my back yard came in an email this morning from my congressman, Jason Altmire. (Yeah. He emails me. We're tight like that.)

So, first thing this morning I got a big dose of WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT with my coffee. Great. Slack off on the news for a couple of days and see what happens? They're trying to sneak a terror trial past me. Bastards.

From Politico (who covered it Sunday):

The trials would have to move to a federal courthouse, military base or other site in a state where crimes related to the Sept. 11 attacks were committed, with likely options including White Plains in the Southern District of New York, Newport News or Alexandria in the Eastern District of Virginia or a venue in the Western District of Pennsylvania.

What the...?!

Now, I'm not Altmire's biggest fan. He's received more than one email from me suggesting he have his things packed and ready come November, to make his move home easier. But based on his email, he either has his head screwed on straight on this issue, or he's aware that he and his Pennsylvania counterparts in the Senate are already on thin ice. Whatever his reason, he's on the right side this time. From the email:

You may have recently heard reports that the 9/11 terrorist trials may be held in western Pennsylvania. Today, I sent a letter to President Obama stating my strong opposition to this plan and any other plan that would allow these trials to be held in U.S. civilian courts.


Please know that I will continue to work with our Senators and western Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation to prevent these terrorists from being brought to our region.

President Obama and the rest of his tone deaf administration had better figure out right quickly that there is almost nowhere in America that they can move the terror trials that they won't be met with anger and protest.

The unrelenting pressure from American citizens has them finally realizing New York was a terrible idea for a venue. We need to keep at it and hound them out of every city they try to endanger, and they'll eventually cave just as they have over New York. When push comes to shove, this entire administration is weak and overly sensitive to criticism. If we all complain long and loud over every venue they bring up, eventually they'll have to take it back to Gitmo where it belongs...


Thats Right said...

Great post. Don't know if you caught it, but I stood out in the freezing rain with a couple thousand other people in the middle of December in front of the Federal Courthouse in lower Manhattan to let anyone who would listen know that we don't want to die to placate Obama's radical left-wing nutbag base.

The gallery's here if you want to check it out:


Nice work.


Republican Redefined said...

You're from PA? Not sure where I missed this so I guess I owe you an apology for my Groundhog's Day post. Much love Scratcher. I hope you're happy in the 41st happiest state in the union. Ps. Make sure to check out Karlas - you'll thank me later.



ScratcherMMBI said...

@ RR:

No worries. There's no love lost between that overgrown rat and myself. He just doomed us to six more weeks of cold, remember?

I'll say this... one of the worst parts of living in PA is every winter, someone wants to try to drag you to Punxatawney to watch this nonsense.

PA in February is COLD. PA in February at the butt-crack of dawn is COLDER. I wouldn't go stand around for that if they were handing out free money!