Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Fatwa On Punxsutawney Phil

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has declared a state of emergency because of the pounding we took in last night's snowstorm...

Ya think?!

What he should have declared is a fatwa against a certain overgrown rat.

Get a load of southwestern PA this afternoon... And did I mention it's still snowing?

I included the swing set because, whether you have kids or not, everyone knows how big one is. At the right end is a buried teeter-totter.

This, at the edge of the driveway, is past my knees...

This is the fire hydrant out back - well, it's the top three inches of the hydrant, anyway. You can't see the street because it's just... gone.

And this.....

THIS is Public Enemy Number One, as far as I'm concerned. Furry little bastard.

Ol' Phil better worry less about losing his job to a robot, and worry more about me. The way I feel right this minute (after slogging through that mess, and falling on my rear end in it), he's really lucky we are in a state of emergency.

If I could shovel my way to Punxsutawney, I'd give Peta something new to complain about... I'd build a fire outside his tree stump and spit roast the little varmint.

Did I mention it's still snowing?


UPDATE: Snowmageddon, indeed. The local rag reports a 21.1 inch total, per the nearest NWS station. I'm here to tell you there's better than two feet in my own yard, with drifts higher than that. Gloabal warming my arse.

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LD Jackson said...

I wonder what he would taste like?

You folks are surely getting hammered out there. Whatever happened to global warming?