Friday, February 19, 2010

Mary Beth Buchanan Wants To Replace Jason Altmire

Former US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan (R) wants to be my new Congress-critter. She announced Wednesday that she plans to challenge blue dog Jason Altmire (D). In a statement, Ms. Buchanan said:

"I am running for Congress because Washington needs a new direction."

Sure. If by "new direction" you mean the same old crap.

Buchanan has worked as a public official for over twenty years, eight of them as a Bush-appointed US Attorney. She claims she has:

"always understood that I was accountable to our citizens to keep our communities safe and our taxpayers to protect their hard-earned money."

Yes, she's kept us all safe.

By making it a personal mission to hound, harass, and eventually imprison such dangerous, hardened felons as Tommy Chong. Which, I'm sure, in no way wasted vast amounts of taxpayer money and law enforcement manpower.

By going after medical examiner Cyril Wecht and doing her damnedest to take him down for the heinous crime of spending about four bucks of county money on faxes that weren't work related. Which, I'm sure, didn't waste literally years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By taking on pornographers and purveyors of obscene materials (the first federal obscenity case in fifteen years). Which, again, probably didn't waste a penny of taxpayer money while protecting us from terrorism nasty movies.

By jailing a doctor for doing his job - writing prescriptions. Never mind the expert witness who was hardly an expert, or the allegations of outright perjury. We're talking OxyContin here - hillbilly heroin - a scourge that justifies any cost and measures. Right?

But forget all that for now. (And I guess you should forget this excellent roundup of Buchanan's priorities and principles here at ReasonOnline.)

No, what's important is Ms. Buchanan wants to move Washington in a "new direction". Presumably away from the nanny-state foolishness she's spent her career advancing, as well as the arrogant, above-the-peons way of handling things that's become all too common in DC today.

Why, on the very first day after she announced her intentions, she showed in an interview with KDKA-AM that she's just a simple, humble public servant -- by telling the host to "Shut up", and then by threatening him:

"And you know, we still have defamation laws in this country. To the extent that you keep repeating things that are flat-out wrong, you're running afoul."

Her first day in the race and already she wants people to shut up or else. Charming lady. She doesn't even wait to be elected before she reminds us all that she's above us.

I predict the Republican party will love her. She wastes tax dollars on what are more properly social moral issues rather than criminal ones, makes drug-busting (even when questionable) a top priority, and has the chutzpa to come right out of the gate trying to threaten and silence her detractors.

I'll not vote for her. Oh, noes. Not at all. I'm going to try to help get one of her primary opponents on the ballot, and then elected to the House. And if the Republican Party backs this woman, and she ends up in the "R" slot on the ballot?

I'll vote for Altmire.


Anonymous said...

Just be careful she doesn't sue you for your comments. :-)

The thing that got me about her whining that the Wecht trail didn't cost $20 million was that she only counted the costs to her own office. She didn't include court costs. What outside groups like the FBI did she bring in? How much did they cost? Was there any lab work? How much did Wecht spend defending it?

She has only been running officially for a day and she already lost it.

ScratcherMMBI said...

According to Wecht, he lost everything. Now, as a senior citizen, he works full time and has nothing left to leave his family.

I'm afraid she's not lost already. I really think the R's might back this ninny.

But she can sue me if she pleases. Heard the phrase "blood from a rock"? ;)