Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hasbro Tween Ouija Board Not As Scary As Jersey Shore

Saw this at Hot Air.

Hasbro is catching heat for selling a pink Ouija board marketed to girls eight and up. (They've been selling this thing for two years, so why the grumbling now, I don't know...)

Toy expert Chris Byrne, who writes for, said he found nothing wrong with it and that he was unclear where people got the idea you could use a Ouija board to communicate with spirits or the dead.

"That is something that people have made up and it became part of our culture," he said. "It's always been entertainment. What I remember is trying to brain my younger brother with the board because he kept moving it. It's just funny that people make up this stuff."

I'm guessing Chris Byrne doesn't share my fascination with horror movies or supernatural thrillers, because.... DUH! Anyone who watches them knows about Ouija boards!

An search turns up no less than four dozen results for "Ouija" in various plots. And that doesn't include such movies as the newer "Paranormal Activities" and the all-time supernatural classic "The Exorcist".

Do we really want to run the risk of turning a large portion of America's tween girls into this thing?

I didn't know Rahm had a little sister....

Although, on further consideration, it could be worse. They could all turn into these things. (With no offense intended to my friends in Jersey...)

Yeah... given those options, I'll take the head-spinning, vomit-projecting demons any day. At least you can repel them with a little holy water and some prayers. What do you need to drive away those other... things? A grammar textbook and a bra? Scary!

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theCL said...

Yeah, I'll take Rahm's little sister over what's her name ... Spookie?