Monday, February 1, 2010

Peta Gets Their Just Desserts

Last week I posted about a Peta whackadoodle activist who hit Canadian official Gail Shea with a tofu pie...

(Tofu pie.  Gawd, I still can't get past the idea.  UGH!)

When another Canadian official tried to classify it as a terrorist act, I came to Peta's defense.  While the act was juvenile, it struck me as harmless and mainly a crime of taste.  (Although I freely admit, if I was struck in the face with a tofu pie, I would retaliate with biological warfare.  Specifically, I would vomit on the thrower.  Tofu pie.  Blech.)

On Friday, Peta got a taste of their own medicine... er... pie.  A local radio station mascot found a Petapeople protesting the seal hunts (while dressed in a seal costume - how cute), and proceeded to nail her with a pie.

Well, all's fair, right?  Apparently not.  Check out how Treehugger describes the act (emphasis mine):

PETA activist dressed as a seal gets her just desserts as another costumed crusader, Salty, attacks poor seal hunt protester PETA activist Emily Lavender of Vancouver, no doubt with a seal flipper pie
Attacks.  Gimme a break.  At least the girl in the seal suit seems to have a sense of humor:

Lavender, like Shea, took the pie-ing in stride and carried on with her business.

I hope now that Peta has been pied in retribution, MP Gerry Byrne will drop the "terrorist act" silliness.

For your Monday morning smile:

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