Saturday, January 30, 2010

HOT FOR TEACHER - Peta's ABC Strip Quiz

It's Rule 5 Sunday eve, and my favorite nutjobs activists over at Peta have a new feature on their site. To promote the "ABC" campaign (that's Animal Birth Control for you clueless fur-wearing meat-eaters), they have an "ABCs Strip Quiz".

Did I say "Hot for Teacher"? Looks more like a school girl than a teacher... But what do you expect from folks who can't tell a fish from a kitten?

Regardless, their new promotion features this young lady spreading the... uh... word about Animal Birth Control. She says:

Hi, I'm Amber, and today, we're going to be going over our ABCs. Here's your first lesson: "ABC" stands for "animal birth control," but it can also stand for "Amber's bored with clothes" if you have the brainpower to answer these 10 quiz questions correctly.

Now, I've never claimed to sympathize with Peta or their silly many causes... But, I realize my readers may want to know more. So in the interest of investigative journalism, I'm willing to make a sacrifice. I plan to fake it. That's right. I think I'm bright enough to figure out which answers Peta wants (even if I don't agree with them) so that I can bring you the final... um... climax of the quiz.

A couple of questions in, and this is the progress:

Well... I must be guessing right, huh? Interesting way to get people thinking about spaying their pets.
What's that? You already forgot the point of the quiz? Sheesh. Animal Birth Control! Focus!

Onward to the next questions. By the way, every time you get one wrong, ol' Amber threatens to start putting her clothes back on. Talk about pressure!

I'm down to the last couple of questions now... So far so good, I guess. But in the interest of respecting RSM's PG-13 guideline for Rule 5 Sundays, maybe I should put the rest below the fold.

Click here for the finish:



Well, I guess I can't fake agreeing with Peta, even if it's for a good cause.

Sorry about that. Enjoy the rest of your Rule 5 Sunday!

And if you still want to see Amber... uh... finish, go on over to Peta. I want to be sure I'm allowed back on The Other McCain next Sunday!

UPDATE:  Bum link fixed, I think.  Thanks to Russ for the heads up.

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