Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Brown - Dorky Dad or Menace to Interns?

I've said it before... I'm not a Glenn Beck fan. Actually, what I said is:

Beck is more than a little crazy. Oh, he's entertaining. But he's crazy.

Now he's on a rampage because Scott Brown made a joking reference to his daughters at his victory speech.

And the best reaction I've seen to this is at Althouse, where she asks:

Charming? Dorky? Creepy? ... Scary?!

The "scary" part going back to Beck's very weird reaction.

I go with dorky/charming. What teenage girl hasn't been embarrassed by her dad's remarks at some point? (Although I'll grant it's not usually on national television.) I thought it was a harmless, funny, nerdy-dad kind of remark that obviously didn't upset the daughters who appear to love and back him completely.

And I agree with Ann Althouse:

And keep an eye on Beck too. Something's not quite right with that man's brain.


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