Thursday, January 28, 2010

The O'Keefe Coverage Is Confusing

I am soooooo confused about the James O'Keefe arrest.

For two days, I've been reading every story I can find about it. (Best roundup is at Patterico.) The problem is, nobody has their story straight.

He was arrested by the FBI. He was arrested by US Marshals. He was arrested inside the building. They were all arrested some time later. I've found half a hundred different versions.

So, who's right? When was O'Keefe arrested, and by which law enforcement agency?

Here are some more questions that are bothering me....

Who called the FBI? When did they call? Why call the FBI or the US Marshals, and not the police? Who calls the FBI before they call the police? Or is this standard, considering her Landrieu's position? And if that's the case, would they be calling the FBI over a panhandler? Was O'Keefe recognized from the start?

This whole thing strikes me as weird.

If anyone knows the answers to my questions, please comment or email me. Maybe the information is out there and I'm just not finding it. Maybe there's a reasonable explanation why the FBI would be called when it's generally a local police department who has the means to respond immediately. I honestly don't know...

UPDATE: This was up before my post, but I missed it...

Bruce at GayPatriot seems to have the same suspicions I do.

And the other question that I want to know is this: What does James O’Keefe know about the Senator or her staff that resulted in Mary Landrieu wanting to call in the Federal thugs to stop that information from getting out to the public?

I still haven't seen anything (and I've looked) that details the exact timeline of the arrest. Who were the initial responders, and it if was the feds - then why?

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